Membership Benefits

Parrot Heads of Puget Sound

Membership Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you get when you are an active “member in good standing” of our parrot head club!

Parrot Heads of Puget Sound (PHoPS) Membership Welcome Packet

When you join our club, you will receive a welcome packet in the postal mail, although we do most all communication for our club via electronic  media (email, web sites, social media).

Tax Deduction

Because our club is a 501(c)(3) charity, you can make tax-deductible* donations directly to our club!  *Please consult your tax professional.

PHoPS Lanyard & Badge

You will get a membership badge and lanyard.  Please wear it to our PHoPS functions… it makes it easy to find other members of your club that you may not know AND you may have an extra chance to will a prize and many or our official social gatherings!

Email Lists

You will have access to our club’s group email information lists.  The ‘Announce List’ is how we send out special information and announcements from the Board to the club membership.  The ‘PHoPS List’ is for members to use to share tropically related information with all the other club members.


We have a lot of opportunities to participate with other members in our as we “Party With A Purpose” and try to make this world a better place!  Check out our calendar!


When it is being published, you will get our award winning newsletter delivered by email every month!


When and if concerts become available to the club, members in good standing can choose to attend concerts as a group to sit/stand/party with other parrot heads from your club and sometimes many other clubs.  Details are made available to club members well before the concert dates.

Parrot Heads in Paradise PHiP
Discounts, Partners, Offers, and Programs!

The Triton App for all things MOTM and PHiP …

Meeting Of The Minds (MOTM) …

And So Much More !!!

There are many more benefits to being a member of a parrot head club! You’ll just have to join in on all the phun to find out !!!

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