Who We Are

Who We Are . . .

“The purpose of the Parrot Heads of Puget Sound is to promote friendships and organize social activities for people with similar interests, including the enjoyment of the tropical spirit of Jimmy Buffett’s music.  The organization will provide its members with opportunities to participate in a variety of volunteer efforts in the local, regional, and national community for social, charitable, and environmental causes.  In the process of making new friends and having fun, the members will work toward leaving something positive behind in our communities.” – PHoPS Mission Statement

Looking for that One Particular Harbor? Don’t know where you’ll go when the Volcano blows? Just Wastin’ Away Again…?

If these song-lines are your lifestyle or you just wish they were, then the Parrot Heads of Puget Sound is the club for you. Everyone is welcome to join the Parrot Heads of Puget Sound! All it takes is an adventurous spirit, a love of Jimmy Buffett and his music, and a desire to do a little extra for your Fellow Man and the Community. Parrot Heads love to party. We may be NW Latitudes, Laid Back Attitudes but don’t let that fool you! We embrace our national organization’s motto Party with a purpose!

Our membership encompasses the entire Puget Sound area and the diversity of our group brings a variety of events in which we are involved. We offer our services to the community and donate to charitable organizations that are focused on making a better life for those around them. The phlock supports the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Foundation, the Pediatric Infant Care Center, the 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness, local food banks such as NW Harvest, Toys For Tots, Teddy Bear Patrol, along with other local organizations that help the community and are funded on private donations. We also support national / international disaster relief efforts such as Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, and the Paradise Charitable Foundation.

We’ve painted houses, planted trees, pulled weeds, walked 60 miles in 3 days, worked brew festivals… and that just scratches the surface. Did we mention that we like to party and have a good time? We frequently bring bands to play parties and allow our phlock to take a mental vacation. We even offer activities for our “Keets” (kids), to make sure they feel included in what we do.

Feel free to attend an event and join in the spirit and fun with the Parrot Heads of Puget Sound. We hope to see you soon! Check out our events page for upcoming phun!

For more information, contact our Membership Director from our Contact Us page.

The Parrot Heads of Puget Sound is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit  charitable organization.

Northwest Latitudes, Laid-Back Attitudes